12, 2015


A Look at: Philadelphia Start-up – Help U Store It

Help U Store It is a start-up company based in Philadelphia PA providing full service moving and storage specifically for college students.  The start-up formed in 2011 after the founder, Dave Barry, realized the extreme hassles of moving in and out of dorms on the assigned days.  It wasn’t only a problem for students traveling from out of state, but also for students that lived close by.

A critic may engage that “full-service” storage is a luxury and maybe even unnecessary, but when you dig into the facts – it’s really the only viable option for summer storage for a college student.  Renting a U-haul or another rental truck is out of the question for most college students, simply because students are not of appropriate age to do so. Furthermore, it’s not cheap to rent a truck or van for the day.  Further, renting a self-storage unit at a local storage facility in and of itself is pricey. The prices quoted by many self-storage places are monthly, therefore they appear great at first glance, but when added up for 4 months it makes most people think twice. When putting it all together, self-storage takes a lot of time, hassle, and in fact costs more than you may think.

Help U Store It saw a gap in the college student storage market and targeted it strategically.  Help U Store It’s pricing model is extremely straight forward and easy to understand. All the prices quoted are all inclusive. In other words, storage for the entire summer, boxes, packing material, pick-up, and delivery are included in the price! A quick breakdown of Help U Store It’s prices vs a local “cheap” self-storage facility show that they are very comparable. The bonus however is that with Help U Store It, you don’t need to do any of the work! All a student has to do is pack the free boxes that Help U Store It provides.

The reviews and feedback that Help U Store It has gotten over the previous 4 years has been outstanding.  It may seem crazy, but more than a few times, parents of students have even sent hand written notes to the founders thanking them for the wonderful service they provided. Help U Store It founders say they pride themselves on superior customer service and competitive prices. They say that it’s more important for parents and students to appreciate their customer service than anything else.