1, 2015

Help U Store It Hires 20 Philadelphia Students!

20 college students in the Philadelphia area are celebrating their recent acceptance into Help U Store It’s campus rep program today.  Help U Store It prides itself on serving the community in which it operates thus why we wanted to hire local students to work for our company.

Today, students from University of Pennsylvania (U-Penn), Drexel University, LaSalle University, Temple University, and St. Joseph’s University (SJU) received their acceptance letters and marketing kits from Help U Store It.

Students will work for the 2nd semester of school as dedicated campus representatives on their respected campus’.  Students have the opportunity to work for a start-up firm that began in the same city they are working in. Students will surely feel the start-up vibe as they work to promote the Help U Store It brand around campus dorms, off campus apartments, and other popular campus hot spots. Students have the opportunity to operate a subset of the Help U Store It business at their campus. It gives students a chance to learn what it take to run a business. Help U Store It does not limit the different activities their campus representatives engage in, they leave it entirely up to the students digression! This makes it a fun and enjoyable work experience for everyone!

If you want to work for Help U Store It, or if you want to become a campus rep at your university in Philadelphia, or North Carolina, shoot us an email at