3, 2019

How to Store Your Stuff For Summer?

What is Help U Store It?

Think of us as “Valet Storage”.  We come and get your stuff, store it, and bring it back to you!

We are a full-service moving and storage company designed for only for college students. We make moving out and into your dorm each year completely hassle free.   Founded by former students, we know how painful the moving process at colleges can be. We created a solution. 

Our All-Inclusive pricing makes it easy to understand.   For one low price, we provide: Packing supplies, Storage, Pick-up and Delivery. 

Why Do I need Summer Storage?

This can be answered with another question: “What else are you going to do with all your stuff?!”

We get it – you have final exams, internships to apply for, study abroad trips to plan, and roommates to pick for next year – storage is not a topic you’re thinking about often! 

Storage is a necessity for the majority of college students that live on-campus or off-campus.  It can cause a real headache if you don’t plan in advance, however don’t fret that is where we come in. 

What do you do with all the items in your dorm room?   

  1. Should you rent a nearby storage unit?    The answer to this question is easy:  NO!   Storage units are very costly, and require monthly contracts.  Moreover, they require you to rent a truck and move your items yourself. Storage units COST YOU MORE MONEY, and MORE TIME.
  1. Should you rent a car/truck and drive your items home or to a friend’s house?   Another easy answer:  NO!

Most car rental companies as well as UHAUL, require the renter to be at least 25 years or older.  For most, that puts this option off the table.   Moreover, the cost of the rental plus the time it takes to move yourself are far outweighed by Help U Store It’s full-service storage options.

  1. Should your parents come and help you move out?  Answer: Costly, Timely, and Unnecessary.

Asking your parents to come move you out of your dorm is a tall order.   Do you remember their faces on move-in day, the headaches, the sweat, and all the time it took?   Do you really want to go through that again?    

  1. It extremely time consuming to move yourself, not to mention the labor is strenuous. 
  2. The crowds and stress of moving cause headaches.
  3. The cost to move yourself should not be underestimated.  Are your parents missing a day of work, paying for a lot of gas, a flight, a rental car?
  4. What are you going to do with all the stuff once it gets back to your house? Put it in a musty garage, or take up the family living room?

How does choosing Help U Store It solve the “Summer Storage Conundrum”?

Help U Store It combines the services of moving and storage into one easy solution, and since we were founded by students, all of our services are designed exclusively for college students.   

Help U Store It makes it easy for you to move out of your dorm, and get your summer started. 

Storage is as Easy as 1,2,3… When you pick Help U Store It

  1. We send you empty boxes; and you pack up your dorm room items.
  1. On Move Out Day; we pick up your items from your campus, then move them to our local secured climate-controlled storage facility.
  1. After Summer, Help U Store It delivers your items to your new dorm!

Our all-inclusive pricing includes: boxes, pick-up, storage and delivery!

How Much Does Summer Storage Cost with Help U Store It? 

Answer: It’s Affordable.

Our all-inclusive pricing includes: pick-up, storage and delivery!  We price our service on a per box basis.

Each box only costs $45 for the entire summer!  Anything that does not fit inside of a box carries a charge as well ($29-$49).   The typical student usually needs about 3-5 boxes.   Unused boxes can be returned and refunded!

How Do I Get Stated and Reserve Space for Summer Storage?

Reserving your space for Summer Storage with Help U Store It is simple.  Sign-up on our website , by choosing your school and your desired move-out date.   You tell us how many boxes you want delivered and estimate how many items will not fit into boxes.

After we receive your reservation, we will send you empty boxes!  It’s that easy. See you on move-out day.

Are you at my College/University?

Help U Store It continues to expand rapidly, we are currently servicing students at 35 schools. Check out our full list here or if your school isn’t on the list; request it here.