30, 2016

Making Move-In Day Memorable : 3 Essential To Dos/ Not To Dos

Your child’s finally in College and the big move in day has arrived. And you want to soak in the glory of him going out to pursue his dreams, of self-assurance that he’s going to take care of himself. It should not be a day where your child suddenly remembers all the things he has forgotten to pack, and the whole house is running to gather those and stuff it in the storage of the car. Ah no, not desirable.

To ensure the day is only for loved feelings and no unnecessary lugging around, here’s what you can do beforehand :

Ship 80% necessary items beforehand : Right from wollens for the winter farther down the year to the TV set your child can’t live without to the tuxedos and gowns that need careful packing and better space than a crammed back of car, ship almost 80% of your child dorm essentials beforehand. Keep the super essential 20%, including food and snacks to be carried along. This would save you precious time which would otherwise be spent pushing and lugging heavy boxes up the staircase of the dorm-house.

It is best to do shipping with a student storage company that provides shipping service as these student storage units have experienced people knowing the whereabouts of every dorm house and you can be assured of your things delivered right to the insides of the correct dorm room.

Not trying to get everything settled in the first day : Okay, so you are anxious about your child being as comfortable as he can be in that comparatively squeezed out space. But the move-in day may not be the best day for negotiations with your child’s room mate on how the odd pieces of furniture should occupy a particular part of the room, and where to hang that nice piece of wall hanging on. Focus should be more on knowing as much of the room mates and the space they would be in, unpacking only as much as can be in the room without people stumbling upon, and giving your child ideas on how the placement of the furniture can be.

Leaving with the right emotions and suggestions : You dread parting with your child; he is happy in anticipation of the exciting life. Emotions are often at tug, and you may or may not find your child, and even spouse/partner reflecting the same. You can advise him to have fun within limits, and not to lose focus on the most important reason he is there – to complete his education. Being too preachy may not help. Also, it is important to leave with a positive mindset, and ensuring your child has the same to help him sustain the not-so-comfortable dorm life.

We, at Help U Store It, see kids and parents go through a myriad of emotions in our journey of 4 years as  successful dorm room movers. While we cannot make your grief less, we can surely help you out with the shipping of your child’s dorm stuff. What’s more, we provide dorm room storage for the vacations, so you no longer have to dread the ills associated with move-out day – no flying down to pack, no lugging and no tension of things being in good shape. Our free boxes, dorm to dorm delivery, and secured, climate controlled facility takes care of it all.

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