27, 2016

We are adding another feather to our hat – Introducing Shipping to College & Home

Starting 2016, Help U Store It will help students with what has been a request from many of their young customers – adding ship to college services.

With the ship to college (and home) service, you can either take it up as an addition to our storage service or independently, as a service on its own.

We are partnering with UPS, FedEx and DHL to ensure that our shipping service, just like our storage service, is top-notch. If that’s not reason enough, check right below to know why you should use College shipping services from Help U store It :

1) All-inclusive pricing – including boxes, packing supplies, pickup, and delivery, and insurance!

2) Ease of use   Get your items shipped in less than 3 clicks. Yeah, we take our motto “…as Easy as 1 2 3” seriously.

3) Dependability – You.Can.Depend.On.Us. Proof ? We have never missed a pickup, or drop off in our 6 years of existence! We are a team dedicated to putting our customers first! We have real people answer our phones and our founders answer emails!

4) Lowest Pricing – We offer the CHEAPEST all-inclusive college and university shipping pricing – and we guarantee it.

Shipping and Storage, Shipping to Storage and Shipping as a standalone service – all 3 are offered at Help U Store It.

To know more about the different kinds of college shipping services we provide and their pricing, check this page.

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